Breathe freely across the globe with Prospan.

“Develop a striking international and emotional campaign that shows the bronchodilators effect of Prospan by Ivy Special Extract EA 575 under the use of TV commercials and print visuals. Note that the campaign must be adaptable in a worldwide context.” A task that took us to catchy scenes: balloons and soap bubbles that can be blown up with full strength due to the quadruple power of the herbal preparation despite coughing and bronchitis.

We targeted two audiences with individual campaigns: The ads for Prospan Cough Syrup focused on younger patients, while the line extension Prospan Cough Liquid in bottles aimed at adults. Mode of action we staged with a high-end animation, the production of the campaign was carried out by daughter company Before9 Productions in Hamburg. As a director we hired Tom Wom, as a photographer, we chose Beatrice Heydiri.

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