New emojions.

The task: Position the new Nike Hypervenom 3 for football-loving teenagers, pro athletes and influencers on Instagram. Develop content that differentiates itself from obvious advertising and pack shots and which stands out visually against heterogeneous football posts on social networks. Our workflow: With target-group interviews, we found out which are the relevant moments for young football-loving teens and which message makes the difference in which situation: before, during and after the German football league matches.

We brought these moments to life by counting shots at goal with individual emojis of the players and their boots. This gave influencers a basis to interpret our content, in their style, on the state of play. We collaborated with artists and influencers from all over the world, including contributions from Hamburg, Berlin and Los Angeles, which were shared in real time all over the world. The result: Over 1.2 million views: 460,000 for photos and 850,000 for video content.