Hello White Parrot is a creative studio with Creative Cloud connection, founded 2007 in Hamburg. We love quality, speed and efficiency.

This is why we have a flexible approach: fixed project managers control a hand-picked, international network of top talents from marketing and communication. At any time adaptable to budget size, industry and medium.

The user is the medium. When designing content, we focus on the perspective of the target group. We dive into them to find out what’s driving them to reveal meaningful connections to your brand.

By using storytelling, design, and the latest tech we like to turn that light into heat. In moments that matter and really make a difference.



brand strategy

market research

brand workshops

media consulting

integrated campaigns

online marketing

digital content


online displays

app development

tvc commercials

virtual reality

b2b / b2c


point of sale

packaging design


product concepts

press ads



musik consulting

photo shoots

film concepts